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Linguae offers professional translation services to companies targeting the international market. Our aim is to adapt texts to the target foreign market (localisation).

Whatever your products and/or services, your printed and electronic documents (catalogues, sales brochures, advertising, mail-shots, press packs, Websites, video animations, institutional films, etc.) are representative of your brand image.

Every word counts in your sales pitch!
Have you thought about its linguistic and cultural impact? Don't spoil it by producing a "literal" or - even worse - "automatic" translation totally inappropriate to your approach!

Linguae guarantees that your message, style and brand image will be perfectly translated and adapted to the nature of your products/services and to the culture of your company and that of your international partners.

A translation and adaptation of the highest possible quality:

- accurate with regard to your products and/or services,
- faithful to your corporate culture,
- attractive to the target you are aiming at,
- effective in reaching the goal that you are seeking.

To ensure the excellence of all our translations /adaptations, Linguae Translation agency uses only Professional translators who translate only into their mother tongue. They are language experts with many years’ experience of translation and adaptation.

We can handle most of the common file formats. And of course we’ll keep to your page layout!
Linguae also offers two options for Web page translation.

We keep our delivery times as short as possible without compromising your need for quality, and can deliver our work in the medium of your choice.

We will examine the source text and send you an estimate within 24 hours of receiving it. Please contact us by telephone if you have an urgent translation.

Our prices are among the most competitive on the market and are calculated according to the number of words in the source text only. We also offer the Premium Pack for flow translations that represent a large annual volume. This is a range of “à la carte” services that substantially reduce company administration time and structural costs.

All our translators are professionals with several years’ experience. It goes without saying that they all adhere to a code of ethics inherent to the confidentiality that we guarantee.

Please contact us for further information.


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