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In addition to Translation services, Linguae Translation agency offers two proofreading modules for documents that have already been translated:

Simple proofreading and correction
This is a proofreading of the translation (target language) to correct spelling, grammar and syntax errors.

Simple proofreading is carried out by a professional proof-reader who has several years’ experience in translation and proofreading and specialises in the target language.

Our prices for simple proofreading are calculated according to the number of words in the target language text. We will draw up a free estimate on request.

In-depth proofreading and correction (revision)
Revision goes beyond a simple check on spelling, grammar and syntax: it includes checking the translation for completeness in comparison to the source text (original language), checking and correcting the content of the translation in comparison to the source text and checking and correcting any mistranslations, barbarisms or other errors (terminology, style, semantics, etc.) that may have slipped into the translation.

Revision is carried out by professional revisers who are experts in both the source and target language.

Revision rates are based on the number of hours required to complete the job.

When you request an estimate for a revision, please attach the source text to the translation.

In both cases, the proofreading and revision of highly specialised texts (technical, legal, etc.), requires a proof-reader or reviser who is a specialist in that particular field.

Can a proofreading or revision salvage a “translation” carried out by a software package?
No. Although translation software has improved in recent years, they provide only rough translations that should be used for guidance purposes only!
Experience shows that, in this case, proofreading or revision is always more expensive than the cost of a translation carried out direct by a human professional translator.

The same applies to “translations” carried out by non-professional translators and/or “translating” into a language other than their mother tongue.

In both cases, professionals are only expensive if you don’t use them!


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